From Our Clients

"Everything looks great! I don't think we've found anything that needed to be touched up. We're very happy with the way it turned out and can't wait for 'phase 2'."

— Tiffany, Harleysville, PA

"I just wanted you to know that Jason is THRILLED with his new room! He wanted to hang out in his room all evening. (I'm hoping this encourages late sleeping on the weekends!) Thank you so much - you did a beautiful job. You're the new hero in our house!"

— Michelle, Harleysville, PA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When you install my wainscoting, how do you cut the wood without getting dust everywhere?

Answer »

A: We take every precaution to ensure that the dust stays where it belongs. We will most likely cut outside, weather permitting. If the weather is not good, then we can cut inside the garage.

Q: Do I have to buy the paint or do you buy it for me?

Answer »

A: We have accounts with all of the major paint manufacturers and we will not only purchase the paint for you we will pass along the discounted price that we get to you.

Q: What about repairing nail pops, cracks, and dents on my walls and ceilings?

Answer »

A: Every price quote includes wall preparation including the repair of all nail pops, cracks and dents in the walls and ceilings. In the event there is a need to repair water damaged drywall and corners and seams to need to be replaced, we will discuss that with you up front and include a price to repair those areas.

Q: Do you recommend painting ceilings?

Answer »

A: I always recommend painting ceilings even if it’s only a fresh coat of white paint. A room just looks unfinished without paint on the ceilings. And, if you really want to add interest to a room you can paint the ceiling a coordinating color or just a lighter shade of the wall color. A splash of color on the ceiling will give the room a custom look and will actually make the space appear larger.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for you to begin working?

Answer »

A: We recommend any breakable or valuable items from the room and taking down all pictures from the walls. If you can’t move the furniture, we will move it for you. All remaining furniture as well as flooring will be covered with drop clothes and/or plastic.

Q: I’m not good at picking colors. Can you help me?

Answer »

A: Yes we can. Color selection is one of the most critical steps in the painting process. We offer a free color consultation with every job. We have color charts from every major paint manufacturer, photos from previous jobs and many years of experience in helping customers pick just the right color for their rooms.

Q: When can you start?

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A: Prior to starting the job, we will discuss the time necessary to complete the job and schedule a start date that works for both of us. We will begin the project on the start date that we agreed on and we will work until the job is completed. We never leave a job until it is finished unless the homeowner has requested we split the job into non-consecutive days.